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Employee engagement doesn’t just happen. It happens when your people have a complete vision of how they and their teams are performing. A cultural shift materializes, collaboration develops, negativity dissipates, and a results-oriented culture takes-shape. Our software creates engagement, no matter where you or your teams are based. Create engagement with radical transparency.

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Accessibility = Freedom

We believe that simplicity is genius – the simpler and more elegant we make our solutions, the greater the impact we will have on your world. Now you can drive your business in real time from anywhere, on any device, via our simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

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We see the future of work differently

DIY Strategy

Our software is backed by eighteen years of strategy and consulting experience, gained by working with thousands of companies worldwide. Now that expert guidance is available to you at any time via dozens of on-demand video training workshops, webinars, and white papers. It’s the same content we teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurial Masters Program.

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Culture and Engagement

Today’s workforce is global and digital. That makes it hard to maintain a company culture. If culture is diluted, employee engagement slips. Keep your culture alive, its message consistent, and employee engagement high by aligning company culture to your Core Values. Our software unifies your team no matter where they are and keeps them engaged and in pursuit of common goals.

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About Us

We provide cloud-based software that empowers all employees, at every level of your business, to contribute meaningfully toward your company’s success – and ultimately their own. For general questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at: info@results.com

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“We are change agents, harnessing the power of technology to move beyond accountability to create higher-value business and to motivate people worldwide to work smarter, take ownership, and deliver extraordinary results.”

– Ben Ridler, CEO – RESULTS.com