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Relate Data from All Your
Business Applications &
Manage Your People

Streamline your business into a single solution.

Effortlessly pull data from anywhere into elegant measurements. Align your company, its conversations, actions and decisions to deliver real-world business results.


Our Integrations


Cloud-Based SQL Servers

RESULTS.com can run any stored procedure on your SQL database and pull the data directly into the lives of your employees. 

Extreme versatility lets us craft the perfect KPIs for any job title.


SalesForce Automation

The global standard for Customer Relationship Management systems, the wealth of data in Salesforce.com often dazzles -- or, confuses -- people outside of sales.

But that's often exactly the data you want for KPIs throughout your organization, and RESULTS.com makes it easy.

(For the Salesforce.com Enterprise version only; not available for the Professional version.)


Desktop Spreadsheets

Perhaps the best program Microsoft ever produced, entrepreneurs worldwide rely upon Excel for a vast variety of tasks.

So we make it easy to pull all of that data into RESULTS.com. You don't need to re-invent your processes to re-invent your corporate culture!


Accounting & Finance

One of the most popular business finance programs in the world and one of RESULTS.com's first partners. 

The data points like "Executive Summary - Gross Profit Margin" or "Profit and Loss - Total Cost of Sales" don't mean much to an employee.

Until they're used to calculate a KPI.

Then, suddenly, that person knows -- really understands -- how their work contributes directly to their company's success.


Performance Analytics

Anything HubSpot doesn't know, Google Analytics does. For many businesses, these metrics are mission-critical.

So use RESULTS.com to morph them into meaningful -- and actionable -- KPIs to keep the mission on track.


Content Optimization

One of the best marketing automation applications on the market, HubSpot produces metrics about every aspect of your website's performance.

Use them to create KPIs for your marketing, sales, and operations teams, and RESULTS.com will let them capture and act upon every creative idea they have.


Accounting & Finance

Probably the most commonly used accounting software for mid-sized businesses worldwide, QuickBooks' data too often remains siloed in the accounting department.

RESULTS.com frees it so it becomes relevant to any and all of your people, tying OKRs and KPIs to financial prefromance. 


Web-based Spreadsheets

Already have teams working on updating a Google Sheet to track progress? 

No problem. Pull that data into RESULTS.com, relate it to any other data you're integrating, and create KPIs that employees can own with pride.


ERP, CRM & Ecommerce

This premier business intelligence dashboard scales from mid-sized to Fortune 50 companies, providing a wealth of data on operations and sales revenue.

RESULTS.com lets you use that data for KPIs that appear right next to the communications platform where your employees collaborate and celebrate. 


Integration Platform for Software Developers

A continuous integration platform for software developers, TeamCity manages builds and makes sure developers release functioning products. 

Using it's fundamental data points in RESULTS.com's full-fledged business management system lets each person in your company understand how they contribute to nice, clean builds.


Project Management

Provided by Atlassian, Jira is the premier project management tool for software development companies. 

Pull its data into RESULTS.com so your team can not only understand sprints and forks but also how those things impact customer service and financial goals.


Time Tracking

One of the world's most popular time tracking applications, data from Harvest matters to any manager responsible for billable hours.

RESULTS.com lets you relate that data to everything else you integrate so you can transform time tracking into a motivating KPI that your employee can control completely.


Performance Analytics

Businesses using this platform for service management KPIs can bring their existing data into RESULTS.com's full-featured work environment. 

We bring that data to life, apply it to each individual's daily activities, and provide a place where everyone can communicate and pursue excellence.