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We empower people, at every level of the company, to be more awesome at work.




Live OKRs and KPIs

Track goals in real time:

  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) define your company's key strategic projects

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) define metrics that drive your business model

  • It's real time performance management.



Update in Real Time

Easily update Goals and Tasks for constant alignment.

  • OKRs change with market forces and strategic inspiration.
  • KPIs change when people take on new roles or projects.
  • Defining both within the application makes management far easier.

There's no subjectivity, no favoritism, and no hurt feelings when each person understands their role and how it fits into the big picture.

Different Goal Types

Match Them to Specific Strategic Objectives

No matter how you approach new opportunities, RESULTS.com makes it easy to match OKRs or KPIs to them.

Ultimate Guide to Management Statistics


Child Goals

Connecting Strategy to Each Job

Accomplishing a Big Hairy Audacious Goal often involves accomplishing several Child Goals assigned to individuals or to teams. 

Any Goal hierarchy can be created in RESULTS.com, significantly extending the functionality you'd find in Trello or 7Geese.  

They're always there, next to your chat and meetings.

  • Place Goals in hierarchies
  • Track them alongside strategy
  • Keep them top-of-mind during all communications and meetings

One Page Strategic Plan

Clearly communicate:

  • Who you are 

  • Where you're going

  • How you plan to get there

One Page Strategic Plan


Import and Integrate

Any Data You Want

Get practically any data point from any one of our dozen integrations -- SQL servers, Salesforce.com, Excel, many others -- to create meaningful OKRs, KPIs, and strategic-tier metrics.


Radical Transparency

A fearless culture of excellence:

  • When everyone knows everyone else's OKRs and KPIs, management becomes easy.

  • Everyone knows who's performing and who needs help.

Simplify management and enhance teamwork.


Company Watercooler

Everyone from Millennials to Boomers chats constantly:

  • Let them -- right next to their OKRs (projects) and KPIs (metrics)

  • Celebrations, insights and teamwork happen naturally



RESULTS.com makes your meetings highly effective and productive time for every attendee.

  • Schedule them right in the application.
  • Manage and attend them on any device
  • Helps you avoid meeting bloat

Simple User Interface

Create Teams, Etc., at Any Time

RESULTS.com makes it easy to turn your ideas into plans:

  • Onboarding has never been easier or more effective
  • As employees deliver more, you can expand your business
  • Realignments and reorganizations can be done easily and effectively

RESULTS.com enables employees to work together to beat their individual KPIs and team OKRs.

Case Studies

Dynamic Teaching

New users quickly become experts.

Interactive tooltips show you, step-by-step, how to maximize any feature.


Plus Your Own RESULTS Coach 

Twenty years of global consulting experience,
methods we've taught at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology,
four years of industry-acclaimed development, and an award-winning business book
all come together for you.

And Implementation Support

Expert help with integrations, users, OKRs, KPIs and settings
will get you off to a strong start.